Our agents are multi-disciplined commercial real estate professionals.

Negotiations by their very nature are adversarial. Through a wide range of experience with both tenants and landlords, we are better equipped to understand both sides and facilitate a transaction by helping our client focus on what’s important.

Relationship brokerage allows us exposure to state-of-the-art resources in all facets of commercial real estate. This broader perspective can be useful as real estate transactions seldom follow repeated and predictable patterns.

Our research is specific to the assignment, but market awareness gained by representing both landlords and tenants often adds a valuable knowledge useful to obtaining the best results for our client.

Our specifications analyses of all properties detail the comparative merits of alternatives. This helps both landlords and tenants be more objective in evaluating the properties under consideration.

Costs affecting the transaction are analyzed, presented, and documented.

Through an orderly transaction, the groundwork for workable future landlord-tenant relationships is established.

Confidentiality can be maintained, so that employees do not become unduly alarmed in the event of a pending sale or relocation.

Clients achieve leverage in buying, selling or leasing their real estate.

Our preferred vendors allow us to respond quickly to our clients’ unique real estate requirements

Our Services
  • real estate owners
    Advisory services, marketing strategies, analytical pricing based on market factors, information distribution to key marketing channels, continuous reporting and monitoring.
  • tenants
    Advisory services, need and market evaluations, negotiations, contract negotiation and monitoring, dispute resolution.
  • Land/Building Acquisitions
    Site evaluation, soil tests, feasibility studies, cost analysis, zoning.
  • Valued Advisors
    As a Clients Valued resource we can help with Preferred Vendor Recommendations. We are The Information resource. We are our clients first option regarding any commercial question.

... and a whole host of related activities all performed at the highest standards in our industry.