Kathy Profile

Kathy Wesley

Corporate Secretary/Treasurer

Office Manager, Commercial Photographer

Camp Sunshine Counselor (Retired), Angels Among Us Foster Mom and Staff Photographer

Kathy Wesley

Contact Information

Direct Dial: (770) 677-0007
Fax: (770) 393-2786

Our Services
  • real estate owners
    Advisory services, marketing strategies, analytical pricing based on market factors, information distribution to key marketing channels, continuous reporting and monitoring.
  • tenants
    Advisory services, need and market evaluations, negotiations, contract negotiation and monitoring, dispute resolution.
  • Land/Building Acquisitions
    Site evaluation, soil tests, feasibility studies, cost analysis, zoning.
  • Valued Advisors
    As a Clients Valued resource we can help with Preferred Vendor Recommendations. We are The Information resource. We are our clients first option regarding any commercial question.

... and a whole host of related activities all performed at the highest standards in our industry.