Tom Wesley


Office, Industrial and Retail

Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors Phoenix Award, Super Star Inductee to Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR)

Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors, German American Chamber of Commerce, Metro Atlanta Chamber Global Commerce Counsel

Allan Grayson Realty Associates, AFCO Realty Associates, Wesley Bell & Sellers

Tom Wesley

Contact Information
Direct Dial: (770) 677-0000
Fax:  (770) 393-2786


Our Services
  • real estate owners
    Advisory services, marketing strategies, analytical pricing based on market factors, information distribution to key marketing channels, continuous reporting and monitoring.
  • tenants
    Advisory services, need and market evaluations, negotiations, contract negotiation and monitoring, dispute resolution.
  • Land/Building Acquisitions
    Site evaluation, soil tests, feasibility studies, cost analysis, zoning.
  • Valued Advisors
    As a Clients Valued resource we can help with Preferred Vendor Recommendations. We are The Information resource. We are our clients first option regarding any commercial question.

... and a whole host of related activities all performed at the highest standards in our industry.